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On average, 80% of organizations are overcharged
on utility expenses due to calculation errors and
discrepancies billed by the utility providers. Powered by National Utilities Refund, we work with organizations to identify and eliminate errors and overcharges within utility invoices. We will have the suppliers provide you a
refund on errors and create uncontested reductions
in your monthly bill by removing unnecessary

Types of common errors found:

  • Incorrect Rate Schedule
  • Hidden telecom PICC charges
  • Incorrect tax classifications
  • Telephone cramming charges
  • Charges on unused/old lines
  • Excessive surcharges

Telecom Audits

  • Audit of all local, long distance,
    wireless, data, and internet charges
  • Evaluation of the cost effectiveness of line charges, usage charges, and feature packages
  • Constant monitoring of current changes occurring in all areas of the telephone industry for opportunities to lower monthly costs, consolidate services, and remove redundant or outdated charges

Utility Audits

  • An audit of all electric (including 3rd party generation charges), water/sewer, and natural gas bills for errors and overcharges over the past 3-4 years
  • A full analysis of current and past usage to ensure all tariffs are correct
  • Correction of meter errors, demand errors, rate structures, and unnecessary minimum charges
  • An analysis of current utility budgetary spending

Why do you need an audit?

Many of today’s companies fail to realize the importance of auditing utility and telecom budgets and
the accompanying monthly charges. Too often spending in this category is not verified due to an assumption of accuracy and cost efficiency. We often hear “as long as it looks right, we pay them.” The utility company’s position is that it is your responsibility to verify your bills. By assuming your bills are correct or there is nothing you can do leaves your company vulnerable to errors and overcharges. An audit may be the best thing you can do now, with the potential of refunds and savings going straight to your bottom line.


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