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What can business credit be used for?

For businesses, credit can and is used for any purpose which requires the use of funds. Understanding when the small business should use business credit with or without a PG to run and grow your business can be truly powerful. Trade and vendor credit can often be used to keep business debt from showing up on the entrepreneur’s personal credit. However, it might make sense to save a PG when you apply and use business credit with a PG to grow and expand your small business. Business credit should be used strategically to help manage cash flow and to help the business become more Fundable. There is a science to using your personal credit in the right way at the right time. It helps to ensure that small business debt doesn’t show on the personal credit reports and works to protect your personal credit.

The Day to Day Running of a Business

With a wide variety of business credit issuers, you can use business credit to fuel the daily running of your small business. You can often get trade and vendor credit without a PG. This can also make it possible for you to keep business expenses from reporting to your personal credit. Instead, it will keep the reporting of those business expenses on your business credit accounts. This helps to make sure business debts don’t show on your personal credit.

The Business Credit Builder

The Credit Suite Business Credit Builder and Business Finance Suite can help you with build business credit by doing the heavy lifting for you. We have a team dedicated to finding and maintaining hundreds of business credit accounts. The Business Finance Suite will help you understand and improve your Fundability, establish your business credit profile, get business credit accounts, and even give you direct access to lending opportunities.

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