Meet our Partners

Committed to excellence, our partners offer tailored solutions to propel your business forward.

Next Level Credit

Jimmy, our CEO, and his wife Sylvia are dedicated experts in financial empowerment. Jimmy is a seasoned financial specialist, while Sylvia is renowned for her commitment to client satisfaction and financial balance. Next Level Credit specializes in credit enrichment, meticulously examining credit reports to address negative marks like charge-offs and bankruptcies. Their tailored services not only identify and rectify these issues but also provide personalized strategies to boost your credit score effectively. By optimizing your credit profile, they enable you to secure better loan terms, lower interest rates, and ultimately achieve your financial goals more efficiently. With Next Level Credit’s expertise and guidance, you gain the confidence and resources to navigate your financial journey successfully. 

Transworld Business Advisors

Jimmy also serves as an agent with Transworld Business Advisors, assisting clients in buying and selling businesses on a daily basis. Every Transworld broker on their team undergoes comprehensive business brokerage training and certification to ensure expertise and professionalism. Understanding the complexities and challenges of buying or selling a business, they provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the process. Over the years, they’ve successfully facilitated numerous transactions worldwide, prioritizing client confidentiality at every stage. Their commitment is to streamline the process for both buyers and sellers, leveraging their extensive global network of seasoned business advisors to achieve seamless and successful outcomes.  For more information, scan the QR code or simply click it.

Rios Card™

RiosCard™ revolutionizes the way you present yourself in the business world, emphasizing that first impressions truly count. Proudly showcase your personal brand with our platform, which offers ‘One Link, Endless Possibilities.’ Tailor the look and feel of your digital card by choosing from our diverse range of pre-built themes or unleash your creativity by customizing your color themes and backgrounds to resonate with your brand identity. With RiosCard™, you have the flexibility to add text, images, audio, or embed your video, making your card a dynamic representation of you. Never worry about running out or forgetting your traditional business cards again; your RiosCard™ is available whenever you need it. Sharing your digital card is effortless—simply tap to share, scan the QR code, send via text, email, or post it on social media to make connections and expand your network instantly. For more information, scan the QR code or simply click it.